Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gettin' down to business!

I need to get the hang of this blogging business!!!

I regret to inform you guys that I have not lost any weight. Well, I have lost 3lbs. Yes, only 3lbs. is all my fault..... I have been doing the C25K program at the gym or on my workout days and call it good. I havn't been counting calories or putting my calories burned in MyFitness Pal.

So, here I am again.....I'm going to post every atleast twice a week and update y'all on my progress! Hopefully, this will hold me accountable and guide me towards healthier lifestyle!!

My anniversary is April 13th and my husband informed me that he has been planning our first vacation......AHHHHHH!!!! I'm beyond excited!! This is more than enough incentive to lose atleast 15lbs. (If I can lose more that would be great)
My hubby said that he planned on going on vaction the week after our anniversary. Normally, I would have been a little irritated with the thought of having to celebrate on a different day but I was more than happy to wait. It means that I have more time to lose some weight! So, with all this being said my short term goals.
1. Record all food and excerise in MyFitness Pal
2.Write atleast 2 blogs a week
These seem pretty simple but with 5 kids......sigh...I have a busy schedule but I'm determined to fit these two goals in. I will add more in depth goals later!
So, here it goes!!!!
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"-Ganhi

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