Monday, May 13, 2013


A lot has happened since I've been away! Let me show you through pics!

Ran my first 5K on March 2, 1013!! It was the Glow Run. My time was 31:20!! Time says 26:? but we were let go in groups.

Before the start of the race I was freezing!! I had on a tank top, two t-shirts, thin sweater, and this light weight jacket......I was burning up towards the end of the run! I'm the one with the number on my bello! The Glow Run was had a lot of hills. I didn't train on hills so they were rough. ( aren't they always?!) It was so hard to see....people where bumping into each other and I think I seen a lady on the curb crying about her leg.....I'm awful....I was just thinking about my time. (selfish I know) So I apologize to the women I left on the curb. :( ....Next time I will take a flash light. My husband and kids met me at the end of the race! The after party seemed like it would have been AMazINg!!! .....But there were so many people there I was afraid I was going to lose a we hit the road! Overall.....I enjoyed it!

This is my running buddy....we will call her La Smiley...(Inside joke!!)

I ran my 2nd 5K with my daughter!! 

Our time was 39:40!!!!! I was so proud of her! She wanted to leave halfway through. The run was more of a  cross country run. It was behind an open field behind the college in town. It had rained the day before so more of a Color/Mudd run. We enjoyed ourselves.....I hope to run another fun run Gabby sometime soon!! 

My husband and I went on our 3 Branson, Missouri. We stayed at the Westgate Resort. If you are ever in Branson or take a vacation there Westgate Resort is the place to stay! 
We played that how you spell it? oh well! It was the first time I played and got 2 holes in husband was shocked.....I did a little dance, jumped in the air was on to the next hole. My husband didn't get one!

We zip-lined down this tower! It was down a hill......I was so stinkin scuuurrred!!! Riding the elevator up that sucker was frightening to me. We got there right after a Senior Trip. So we had to wait an hour. 

We took pics and played some checkers and tick-tac-toe. Yes, we are that old couple!! :)

I can't find a good pic of the end of the zip-line. You get the was high. The hardest part being strapped in and waiting for the guys to open the gate! I watched my husband go down fast with his arms out as if he were flying.....I was so scared but I knew I would regret it if I didn't open my arms too. So, I did!! 
Woot Woot!!! 

My families weeks are centered around our kids. I watched my son pitch for the first time.....Amazing feeling!! He was a little nervous but he shook it off! 

I watched my middle child graduate from Kindergarten.....bittersweet moment for me. I was the mama in the corner....not really I did get a ball in my throat and held back the water works. I'm so proud of Letie! 

I graduated with my Associates in Behavioral Science! I am in Psi Beta. The Psychology National Honors Society! I was accepted into a college that I NEVER thought I would EVER get a chance to attend. I am amazed!!!! I'm still shocked! 

My 3rd 5K was with my sexy a** husband!! We ran the Color Me Rad Run together....well he is 6'3 so he ran it a lot faster than me! I was finished sometime around 31:5? and he was finished around 25:??.....I ran with La Smiley and enjoyed getting plastered with color! 

I can honestly say....I am at a point in my life where I am truly HAPPY!! Not going to lie life gets hard....stressful....but nothing like what it was about 10 years ago. It's okay for me to be happy!! I know that now! I love my kids and husband with all of me...(sounds cheesy but its real) 

I broke my PR of 31:20......It is now 25:19. It was during finals week, daughters bike got stolen from my front yard and keep getting unwanted phone was a stress reliever run. My 4 mile run was 35 mins....

This is my before and during pic.....I weighed around 193 in the pink and currently at 177 in the grey. 
I am so close to my pre-pregnancy weight!!!....I still have about 30-35 more pounds to lose. This journey of weight loss and healthy living is just getting started!!!! 


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    I just randomly saw this on my facebook page from the MILF camp :-) I am in Oklahoma too :-) Norman! I ran the glo run there, you can see that update on my blog somewhere in the archives. Just wanted to say hey and follow along on your journey! :-)

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