Monday, December 2, 2013

Route66 Half Marathon Recap


Where do I begin???

So, I decided sometime in May that I was going to run a half marathon. I chose The Route66 Marathon because a friend of mine ran it last year and said it was a beautiful run. The training began!
November came fast.....between school and kids sports I had no time to play around!

My husband and I arrived in Tulsa around 4:30. We had a difficult time finding the right exit to the Convention Center for packet pick-up. There were CLOSED signs on a lot of the signs....which was extremely frustrating. The fact that I was nervous didn't help. Why was I nervous? Not just the fact that I was going to run my first half marathon but while driving around we saw the START sign. The sign was near tons of hills. The hills were NOT little. I looked at my husband and said "I did NOT train on hills like this" I'm sure he could see the fear on my face. I can't remember his exact words but he said something like " Babe, you got this! They're just hills." We finally reached our destination and received my packet. There were a number of booths in the packet pick-up area. People were selling skinny wraps, gym memberships, running gear (of course), and messages. Runners took pictures next to the Route66 Marathon sign (I didn't...I was so nervous). I remember them being so jumping around and smiling....I was not in the jumping smiley type of mood....I was quite.

I've heard and read that some runners have a hard time falling asleep the night before their race. Me? I slept like a baby!! I love my kids but I did not wake up in the middle of the night with a little leg pressing on my back or small arm on my face! LOL I woke up showered and decided I didn't want to go full make-up. Why?.. because it was going to be cold any way......25 degree weather with a wind chill of 12 kind of cold. I was worried about freezing...and the hills. I wore cold weather pants, a pair of running pants over them, a cold weather long sleeve shirt and a running jacket over it. (wicking material) I had tissue for my nose, chap stick, and ipod, and Gu in my running pouch. (looks like a mini fanny pack) I had gloves and a head band. I wasn't for sure if I had enough of everything. We checked out of the hotel and I had just enough time to grab a bagel....when I say bagel I mean 3. Yes. I said 3. I only had time to eat 1. I had to put on my trusty concealer and mascara. I tried to go without make-up.....I tried......... I just couldn't. LOL.

Finding the START line wasn't as hard as I though it would be. We just followed the many other people with bibs and running gear on. It was SOOOOO cold waiting in the corral!!! I put my headphones in and started listening to Pitbull radio on Pandora......This mama was jumping, smiling, and was hype!!! This was it!! The moment I had been training for was here!!! My heart was pounding. I was nervous. I was excited. I was ready to conquer some HILLS!!!
I was getting hype after hearing the announcer telling each group to go....Group A...feeling my music....Group B...its almost time...

 Group C....we're moving.....I started taking deep breaths so that my chest could get used to the cold.....Gave the hubby one last kiss. I wouldn't see him until the finish line or so I thought. (goal 2:30) Group D.... I'm running a HALF MARATHON!!!!!!! 13.1 MILES!!!!!! WOOHHHOOO!!!!! Yep...that's what I was thinking!!

I got in the zone at this point. I started noticing that my pace was fast. I kept looking at my watch within the first mile. I tend to get a little excited and run an 8:30ish pace. I worked down to a 10 minute pace. I tried to stay there. After mile 3 I stopped looking at my watch.
The atmosphere within the runners was indescribable. The volunteers and spectators were so encouraging. I saw signs that said "You are strong".. "Keep going"..."I bet this sounded like a good idea 14 weeks ago"..... There were a lot others I just cant remember them all!! Around mile 4 I ran near a boy about 10-12 years old running. He looked so tired and began walking. I looked at him smiled and told him he was doing a good job! I can only imagine how proud his parent were as he crossed the finish line!
Mile 5 I got a call from my husband......
I was so happy he called. Usually mile 4-6 are my "Pep talk" miles. My body is telling my mind "Are ya sure you wanna do this to yourself?" around that time. My husband asked where I was. I told him "I just past the mile 5 marker"...He asked what my pace was.."9:40....Oh gosh! I cant look at my watch!"....I heard him say "I'M AT MILE 8". (no, he didn't yell....but it was amazing to hear) I wanted to cry!!!!! My babe was waiting for me at mile 8. I took out my Gu popped it in my mouth and said "Ok, I'm on my way!" I ran like nobodies business to mile 8. I honestly couldn't run fast enough. Mile marker 6....Remember this is part of the "pep talk" mile "Rich is waiting for you"...."You get to kiss your babe"...., mile marker 7, marker 8
There he is!!

Mid run...

This mama got a kiss and a smack on the booty!!!
I was energized and ready to run the rest of the way! I didn't think about how many miles I had to go. I enjoyed the scenery. The houses in this area where beautiful.
I started getting cold around mile calves were getting stiff. I  decided to stop for about 2-3 mins to stretch and drink water.
Mile 10......this is the FURTHEST I've run!!
Mile 11......Woot Woot Wat Wat!!! LOL (seriously...I was excited to run 11 miles....) I chocked down tears.......really....I was running for my kids, for my family....Change starts with me....I'm going to leave a legacy. (even if its with running!) This was it....The hell I went through in my past no longer matters......It ends today!!! Life starts today!! I can do this!!
Mile 12....The Hills....were in plan sight....."Father help me".....(Prayed....This was the biggest fear of my run....hills) About that time my husband called "Babe, how you doin'?  What mile are you on?" ....I told him "I'm doing good....I'm at mile 12....I'm coming to you babe"......
Not going to lie. I was trying to speed walk up the hills and run down them. I did that with the first two. I got to the top of one and seen a lady in front of me with a "Baby on board" sign on the back of her t-shirt...... I thought to myself "Danielle....SUCK IT UP and RUN!!" I picked up my pace....I could see the FINISH line. I wanted to walk so bad. I gave it all I had left....I sprinted to the finish line.

I just ran a HALF MARATHON!!!!....13.1 MILES!!!!!!.....Me......I did it!!!
I ran a half marathon in 25 degree weather.....and finished under my goal time.(official time 2:20:15) I have a PR set and I'm ready to beat it!
Beer for my biggest fan!!! My husband was the best through the whole run. I loved his encouraging words, calls, and booty smack!! I love my man!! I'm very blessed!
 I started this journey because I wanted to get healthy. Diabetes and other types illness run in my family. I wanted to make a change for myself and my kids. I ran my first 5k in March and never thought I would ever run a half marathon. I'm hooked on this running thing!! LOL
My husband and I plan on running the Full Marathon at the Memorial Run in OKC. Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013


A lot has happened since I've been away! Let me show you through pics!

Ran my first 5K on March 2, 1013!! It was the Glow Run. My time was 31:20!! Time says 26:? but we were let go in groups.

Before the start of the race I was freezing!! I had on a tank top, two t-shirts, thin sweater, and this light weight jacket......I was burning up towards the end of the run! I'm the one with the number on my bello! The Glow Run was had a lot of hills. I didn't train on hills so they were rough. ( aren't they always?!) It was so hard to see....people where bumping into each other and I think I seen a lady on the curb crying about her leg.....I'm awful....I was just thinking about my time. (selfish I know) So I apologize to the women I left on the curb. :( ....Next time I will take a flash light. My husband and kids met me at the end of the race! The after party seemed like it would have been AMazINg!!! .....But there were so many people there I was afraid I was going to lose a we hit the road! Overall.....I enjoyed it!

This is my running buddy....we will call her La Smiley...(Inside joke!!)

I ran my 2nd 5K with my daughter!! 

Our time was 39:40!!!!! I was so proud of her! She wanted to leave halfway through. The run was more of a  cross country run. It was behind an open field behind the college in town. It had rained the day before so more of a Color/Mudd run. We enjoyed ourselves.....I hope to run another fun run Gabby sometime soon!! 

My husband and I went on our 3 Branson, Missouri. We stayed at the Westgate Resort. If you are ever in Branson or take a vacation there Westgate Resort is the place to stay! 
We played that how you spell it? oh well! It was the first time I played and got 2 holes in husband was shocked.....I did a little dance, jumped in the air was on to the next hole. My husband didn't get one!

We zip-lined down this tower! It was down a hill......I was so stinkin scuuurrred!!! Riding the elevator up that sucker was frightening to me. We got there right after a Senior Trip. So we had to wait an hour. 

We took pics and played some checkers and tick-tac-toe. Yes, we are that old couple!! :)

I can't find a good pic of the end of the zip-line. You get the was high. The hardest part being strapped in and waiting for the guys to open the gate! I watched my husband go down fast with his arms out as if he were flying.....I was so scared but I knew I would regret it if I didn't open my arms too. So, I did!! 
Woot Woot!!! 

My families weeks are centered around our kids. I watched my son pitch for the first time.....Amazing feeling!! He was a little nervous but he shook it off! 

I watched my middle child graduate from Kindergarten.....bittersweet moment for me. I was the mama in the corner....not really I did get a ball in my throat and held back the water works. I'm so proud of Letie! 

I graduated with my Associates in Behavioral Science! I am in Psi Beta. The Psychology National Honors Society! I was accepted into a college that I NEVER thought I would EVER get a chance to attend. I am amazed!!!! I'm still shocked! 

My 3rd 5K was with my sexy a** husband!! We ran the Color Me Rad Run together....well he is 6'3 so he ran it a lot faster than me! I was finished sometime around 31:5? and he was finished around 25:??.....I ran with La Smiley and enjoyed getting plastered with color! 

I can honestly say....I am at a point in my life where I am truly HAPPY!! Not going to lie life gets hard....stressful....but nothing like what it was about 10 years ago. It's okay for me to be happy!! I know that now! I love my kids and husband with all of me...(sounds cheesy but its real) 

I broke my PR of 31:20......It is now 25:19. It was during finals week, daughters bike got stolen from my front yard and keep getting unwanted phone was a stress reliever run. My 4 mile run was 35 mins....

This is my before and during pic.....I weighed around 193 in the pink and currently at 177 in the grey. 
I am so close to my pre-pregnancy weight!!!....I still have about 30-35 more pounds to lose. This journey of weight loss and healthy living is just getting started!!!! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gettin' down to business!

I need to get the hang of this blogging business!!!

I regret to inform you guys that I have not lost any weight. Well, I have lost 3lbs. Yes, only 3lbs. is all my fault..... I have been doing the C25K program at the gym or on my workout days and call it good. I havn't been counting calories or putting my calories burned in MyFitness Pal.

So, here I am again.....I'm going to post every atleast twice a week and update y'all on my progress! Hopefully, this will hold me accountable and guide me towards healthier lifestyle!!

My anniversary is April 13th and my husband informed me that he has been planning our first vacation......AHHHHHH!!!! I'm beyond excited!! This is more than enough incentive to lose atleast 15lbs. (If I can lose more that would be great)
My hubby said that he planned on going on vaction the week after our anniversary. Normally, I would have been a little irritated with the thought of having to celebrate on a different day but I was more than happy to wait. It means that I have more time to lose some weight! So, with all this being said my short term goals.
1. Record all food and excerise in MyFitness Pal
2.Write atleast 2 blogs a week
These seem pretty simple but with 5 kids......sigh...I have a busy schedule but I'm determined to fit these two goals in. I will add more in depth goals later!
So, here it goes!!!!
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"-Ganhi

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello there!!!

Alright this is my first blog please excuse the ghettoness of it....I am new at this. Im sure I will look back on this blog one day and horrified at the set up! Oh well......I wanted to start this blog to keep track and hopefully encourage others in their weightloss journey.
   Quick backgroung::::
            I have always struggled with my weight. I joke around with my husband and say that I am the Khloe Kardashian of my sisters. I have two skinny sisters and they are both shorter than me...Khloe I feel your pain!! I have always been the chubby girl. When I was a tomboy my weight didnt matter to me. I seen and heard the way my brothers looked and talked about girls and didnt EVER ( and still dont) want to be seen like that. Respect me please!!!

                                                      Not sure how old I am in this pic!!

......back to my weight loss....I grew out of the tomby stage and got into losing weight, make-up boys......fastforward to now...I told you it would be quick...I lost 30lbs after having what i thought would be my last child and had an unexpected pregnancy and Ryder came along!! Love my big surprise!! I had worked really hard to lose the weight. I weighed 189ish then and got down to 158lbs when I had found out I was pregnant with Ryd.

                                           October 2010 (189.9)          July 2011 (158) 

I will be 30 in September of 2013 and I want to be SEXY the night I go out to celebrate!! Yep, I will be the older lady in the club breakin it down with my Midori Sour!! Might even drop to tha flo!! LOL Im half way joking! But yes I want to feel comfortable in my outfit on that night. This is my goal! Ten months......I got this!! I know I CAN! Follow me on this journey!! Here are the dreaded........Before Pics

                                                             Current weight 186.6

......I have 5 kids and a husband....I am a SAHM and full time student dont be surprise if you hear about or see them in my post!! I am a proud mama and wife!