Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello there!!!

Alright this is my first blog please excuse the ghettoness of it....I am new at this. Im sure I will look back on this blog one day and horrified at the set up! Oh well......I wanted to start this blog to keep track and hopefully encourage others in their weightloss journey.
   Quick backgroung::::
            I have always struggled with my weight. I joke around with my husband and say that I am the Khloe Kardashian of my sisters. I have two skinny sisters and they are both shorter than me...Khloe I feel your pain!! I have always been the chubby girl. When I was a tomboy my weight didnt matter to me. I seen and heard the way my brothers looked and talked about girls and didnt EVER ( and still dont) want to be seen like that. Respect me please!!!

                                                      Not sure how old I am in this pic!!

......back to my weight loss....I grew out of the tomby stage and got into losing weight, make-up boys......fastforward to now...I told you it would be quick...I lost 30lbs after having what i thought would be my last child and had an unexpected pregnancy and Ryder came along!! Love my big surprise!! I had worked really hard to lose the weight. I weighed 189ish then and got down to 158lbs when I had found out I was pregnant with Ryd.

                                           October 2010 (189.9)          July 2011 (158) 

I will be 30 in September of 2013 and I want to be SEXY the night I go out to celebrate!! Yep, I will be the older lady in the club breakin it down with my Midori Sour!! Might even drop to tha flo!! LOL Im half way joking! But yes I want to feel comfortable in my outfit on that night. This is my goal! Ten months......I got this!! I know I CAN! Follow me on this journey!! Here are the dreaded........Before Pics

                                                             Current weight 186.6

......I have 5 kids and a husband....I am a SAHM and full time student dont be surprise if you hear about or see them in my post!! I am a proud mama and wife!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! My blog is I love reading blogs and I will follow your blog as soon as I get to my computer (I am on my phone now) Good Luck to you!!

  2. Thanks ladies! I need to get with it!! Im going to start making time for this blog spot!